I envision a world in which everyone is celebrated and fully supported as they move through life’s inevitable struggles and triumphs. When we create and foster a community of support, fun, discovery and awareness, we inspire each hero to transform as they journey, to unleash the Joy of the soul, and to take that next step and the next…

What others have to say

I love your story telling abilities—Rachel

A calm, slow pace. The exercises make it so easy to take it up higher. I feel the warmth and flow. She has accepted me. Inviting me and welcomed me into the world she has offered. —Nicole

Hi, I’m Tricia Jeane Croyle

Author, Speaker, Life Transformed Coach, Energy Dancer, Dream Weaver, Architect, and Horsewoman. 

From Eeyore to the Cheshire Cat.

In 2014 I had suffered a great deal of loss in a short period of time I lost my mom, two horses, three dogs and three cats. And the rest of my family before that, John’s mom, my brother and dad. I had a lot of suppressed grief. I went about my life thinking that I was happy. After all, I was generally a happy person.

But somehow my spark was gone, and I didn’t even know it. I attended a conference where the people called me Eeyore. I spent a year trying to rekindle my sparkle. My sadness was leaking out of me like a faucet that just wouldn’t stop dripping. I discovered that it was necessary to feel the grief and sadness to get to the other side, which is Joy. Then I had a pivotal Joy experience.

Her sadness was leaking out like a faucet that just wouldn't stop dripping.

The book is available as a paperback or ebook on amazon. It is also available at bookstores.

The Companion playbook offers more and expanded exercises.

It is full of puzzles, quizzes, exercises and techniques to access Joy. Available in paperback only.

This book is for you if you want to act as a conscious creator and manefestor.

2nd in The Joy Series, This book will guide you in learning how to let go of the belief that struggle and hard work are necessary as a means to success, how to make choices from wisdom and power and how to wave your magic want as if it were a magic wand at the universe.

Like spokes on a wheel, each chapter explores 12 aspects of God which afford a path inward, to self-discovery, at the center of our being. Join Tricia as she journeys down each of those paths. And maybe even a life beyond that… 

The Joy Series

What if the only change we need to make is to be grateful for what already exists?

3rd in The Joy Series, Absolute Joy offers guidance, a loving space and 200 plus sacred technologies designed and encoded to experience life as it flows through us. Offering warp speed to more absolute Joy, Peace, Love, and Purpose in your life.

The Energy Series

Stuck in the conditions that surround you? Higher levels of energy allow you to blast through to live your life in freedom, flow, and fun.

Joyfinity offers guidance and a loving space with fifty Sacred Technologies to launch your mastery.