Joyfinity Masterclass

A live three-week online course with Tricia Jeane Croyle, author of The Joy Series and creator of the Joyfinity Energetic System

May 29, June 5,12

12:30 Central time

What happens when Joy meets Infinity?

Are you stuck in life’s conditions that surround you? Higher levels of flowing energy allow us to blast through our current stagnated states to live our lives in freedom, flow, and Joy.

When we master our energy, we master our life.

Your body and mind will be delighted as you have fun playing with the pure energies of wellbeing and manifestation. When you bring them into your body and mind, you begin to see them elsewhere in your life.

Tricia’s offers guidance and a loving space with 20 Sacred Technologies to launch your energy mastery.


·      The WOW of an energetic and prosperous life

·      The Pow of raising your frequency to increase your power

·      The How of energy mastery

Join Tricia in the space of WOW that resides deep within you, waiting to emerge.

I will Personally guide You

Transformation happens with intentional action. When you detach from struggle, fear, and the limitation of false beliefs that you hold about yourself and the world, you will begin to live beyond the stories of your past and live an energetic life filled with ease, vitality, wellness, abundance, and Joy.

Week 1 the WOW: living in the Joy of energy mastery

  •  Raise your Joy frequency so that you will attract more Joy into your life. You attract the energy that you are.
  •  Quickly access higher frequency energies at any time.
  • Have Fun playing with Joy energy. When you bring it into your body, it brings more fun and Joy into your life.

Week 2 How to WOW: Living a life of Well Being 

  • Raise your well-being frequency so that you attract more healthy living into your life.
  • Quickly access the uplifting energy of well-being at any time.
  • Play with the energy of healing and wellbeing. When you bring it into your body, and mind you begin to see and share it elsewhere in your life. 
Week 3 Pow to WOW: Living a life of Prosperity and Manifestation 

  • Raise your abundance frequency so that you attract more prosperity into your life.
  • Quickly access an uplifting abundance energy at any time by taking it off your dashboard.
  • Increase your Power. Design your life with purpose.

Example Curriculum

  Week 1 Warp Speed to WOW: living in Joy
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 2 How to WOW : Living a life of Well Being
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 3 Now to WOW: Living a life of Abundance and Manifestation
Available in days
days after you enroll

This course is closed for enrollment.

What others have to say:

Tricia Croyle is the embodiment of what’s possible Beyond Joy. I have watched her become an inspiring example of what’s possible when you commit fully to your own transformation. Rikka Zimmerman, a global leader in consciousness