An extraordinary adventure in Energy Mastery. You will experience 20 practices and techniques to move, weave and manifest with energy to:

  • Learn how to align your body, mind and spirit with the rules of energy.
  • Weave the energies of acceptance, gratitude and celebration.
  • discover that Joy is a tool for manifestation.

So that You can live a life overflowing with:

  • Ease
  • Prosperity
  • Wellbeing
  • Fun

Hi, I’m Tricia Jeane Croyle

Author, Speaker, Life Transformed Coach, Energy Dancer, Dream Weaver, Architect, and Horsewoman. 

From Eeyore to the Cheshire Cat.

In 2014 I had suffered a great deal of loss in a short period of time I lost my mom, two horses, three dogs and three cats. And the rest of my family before that, John’s mom, my brother and dad. I had a lot of suppressed grief. I went about my life thinking that I was happy. After all, I was generally a happy person.

But somehow my spark was gone, and I didn’t even know it. I attended a conference where the people called me Eeyore. I spent a year trying to rekindle my sparkle. My sadness was leaking out of me like a faucet that just wouldn’t stop dripping. I discovered that it was necessary to feel the grief and sadness to get to the other side, which is Joy. Then I had a pivotal Joy experience.

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